Israeli Startup Offers Smarter Use Of Security Cameras

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There are around 200 million security cameras all around the world broadcasting pieces of information in any given moment. A young new startup was presented during the Video Analytics conference which took place on October 28th 2015 at the Israel air force center in Herzlyia, offering to use these cameras in a smarter way.

Valriy Blyus, Dmitry Goldenberg and Tal Catran’s startup is called Sensority and it offers an interesting technology in the field of Video Analytics. Their software can connect to the existing cameras infrastructure, take the flow of recorded information and process it in real time. It allows monitoring a person’s physiological parameters using a simple camera: pulse, age, breaths per minute and so on, and analyzes the data received.

12063791_10153686406534795_6484373821143260442_nTheir vision is to create a platform on top of which any application based on physiological parameters can be built and used in a range of fields: monitoring data for athletes, using the software for a quick external scanning of a body in order to receive a patient’s vital signs, biometric system for identification via pulse, predicting crime or terror using characteristics such as breathing rate, sweat etc. One could say that it is similar to polygraph machines which use similar parameters.

One extremely fascinating idea was their suggestion to use the parameters’ analysis done by the software to detect infectious diseases and viruses such as the Ebola virus, which up until recently was a great concern in many airports, fearing of it spreading in more countries. The young innovators claim that the long way from the airport to boarding the plane or from exiting it could be a goldmine of information and data.

Is their software mistake-proof or could it accidently detect a family member excited by the return of a loved one as a potentially harmful individual? The members of this startup claim that there is a clear difference between the physiological parameters of someone merely excited and those of a terrorist looking to follow up on a malicious plan.

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