I-HLS TV Interview – Limor Barak, VP Marketing, Sky Sapience

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Limor Barak, VP Marketing for Sky Sapience, spoke with I-HLS after AUS&R 2015 about the company’s unique niche in the modern world. The company’s Hovermast – a tethered UAV – can be operated anywhere and anytime for observation and surveillance capabilities.

Currently, says Barak, most UAVs do not have automatic take-off and landing capabilities and may lose contact with their operator and disappear. The Hovermast, on the other hand, cannot disappear thanks to the cable attached to it. That is why it can be operated in urban areas or compounds.

The people around it will always be protected.

The market for tethered UAVs is actually bigger than we might expect. On top of aligning with capabilities offered by tactical UAVs and aerostats, as well as being a niche in itself.