Watch The Story of the Israeli Defense Industries

Watch The Story of the Israeli Defense Industries

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I-HLS was part of the making of a TV movie about Israeli defense industries, produced by the American television network, TBN.

The movie, which reviews the reasons for the Israeli defense industries’ great accomplishments, describes with great detail some of the projects that are the pinnacle of global innovation and technology.

Alongside experts such as Maj. Gen. (res.) David Ivry, former Air Force commander and today’s president of Boeing Israel, Danny Gold, Brig. Gen. (Res.) who was head of the team developing Iron Dome, Ronen Nadir, CEO of the UAV manufacturer BlueBird and others, the movie also shows Arie Egozi, Editor-in-chief of I-HLS. Egozi described the main reasons for Israel’s success in developing advanced weapon systems, some of which exist nowhere outside Israel.

The movie has been watched by millions on the television channel belonging to the Evangelical Christian community in the United States.

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