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Arie Egozi

Europe is changing. The waves of refugees are unstoppable and millions more are on their way. Most of these refugees lost everything in countries where wars destroy everything, but these waves of refugees have caught Europe with its pants down.

Europe is trying to solve the humanitarian problem while the European Union is fighting amongst itself. But during this commotion they forgot one thing – ISIS is taking advantage of this situation to establish more European bases. It already has several of those, comprised of European volunteers who committed atrocities in Syria and Iraq and went back to their home land with a motivation to use that knowledge.

But notice this – the Greek coast guard has detained a ship near the island of Crete, in which were explosives and weapons. According to the Greed media, it’s believed that the weapons were meant for the Islamic State (IS) in Syria. A tweet by one of the local journalists stated that the ship was meant to make its way to Libya.

The ship was sailing under a foreign flag, only the report did not state what flag. Authorities have confiscated the ship and led it to the Heraklion port for further inspections and investigations of its load. This ship was stopped but according to knowledgeable sources, dozens of ships have already transported weapons and explosives into Europe.

So what did we get? European ISIS bases which are now being armed with the best weapons and explosives.

Europe can’t handle the waves of refugees and, even worse, doesn’t know how to handle terror bases being formed in the “united” continent.

Will the situation change? Yes. The terror bases will only get strongers. Members of the union will keep having emergency debates in grand palaces in one of the capitals and that would be the most they will do.

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