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At the AUS&R 2015 conference and exhibition, Aitech will present its rugged computerized solutions for unmanned aerial systems.

Aitech, located in Herzlia, Israel, is a supplier of rugged computerized solutions for avionics, space, sea and land. The systems are designed to work in extreme environments and in a wide range of applications such as missile systems, combat ground vehicles and unmanned and manned aerial vehicles.

The company’s production line includes 87 employees of ranging expertise, among them are engineers, practical engineers, as well as logistics, quality control, acquisitions and electronic and mechanic assembling personnel. The company produces computer cards and fully-integrated computers in varying levels of complexity and ruggedness, pre-designed (COTS – Commercial off the Shelf) or according to the clients’ specifications. A special emphasis is given to the products’ long term availability, as is required in the military and security markets.


The company’s clients are integrators working in military and aerospace industries, and the company emphasizes the Israeli market, where it has the advantages of local production, client proximity and convenient support abilities.

Aitech’s sister-company in the United States allows it to supply solutions to the local market when American production is needed (including FMF – Foreign Military Financing).

The company’s products include Intel and PowerPC processor cards, graphic cards, GPGPU, memory cards, I/O cards, power supplies, integrated rugged computers and more.

Aitech has much experience in offering solutions to unmanned vehicles such as processor cards for the Predator in the United States, as well as UAVs in Italy, airborne computers and ground stations for UAVs in England, India and Turkey, command and control computers for unmanned ground vehicles and more.

It is also important to mention that Aitech’s computers are currently in two of NASA’s prestigious projects, meant to replace SpaceX’s Falcon 9 space shuttle project and Boeing’s CST-100 project.

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