Electromagnetic Pulses Could Leave A Country Without Power For Months

Electromagnetic Pulses Could Leave A Country Without Power For Months

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Electromagnetic threats such as strong solar flares or intentional nuclear blasts by terrorists could paralyze the entire power grid of a country for several months and possibly over a year, but the United States is not prepared for these types of dangers and the American government is not doing enough to cope with these threats. That is the main conclusion of several experts who testified before a Senate committee hearing entitled “Protecting the Electric Grid from the Potential Threats of Solar Storms and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)”.

The high electromagnetic radiation released by a solar flare or a nuclear explosion could weaken the country’s critical electrical infrastructure or even paralyze it alltogether. In order to deal with these risks, a cooperation should be established between government and industry, such as between the Department of Homeland Security and the Energy Department. But it seems that Washington has failed to act against the threat of EMP. A large part of this is due to policymakers as well as citizens not realising the extent of this danger and the catastrophical consequences likely to arise from an event of this magnitude. They cannot comprehend that the threat is just as real as the nuclear threat from Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

Nuclear EMP attacks are aleady a part of the military doctrines, plans and exercizes of all these countries’ new and innovative warfare which focuses on attacking power grids and important civilian infrastructure. These wars are called Total Information Warfare, Cybergeddon or Blackout Wars.

We all think that events such as these, which are “one in a century” can’t possibly occur on our watch, but they can, technically, happen next weel. Therefore, it’s important to act right now in order to reduce minimize the possible consequences from such an event and start finding ways of defending the electric grid as soon as possible.

Sure, it’s expensive and could cost several billion dollars, but it is sure cheaper compared to the economical impact expected in such an event. “The purpose of this hearing is basically to pull our heads out of the sand,” said Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing Chairman Ron Johnson. It is important to understand that this isn’t science fiction.

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