Small Israeli Developed Radar To Detect UAVs

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The growing problem of UAVs, drones and quadcopters in the urban aerial traffic calls for monitoring and controlling in order to prevent any future incidents and will require effective sensors to monitor the traffic of all types of UAVs.

An Israeli company ARTSYS 360 is developing a small 3D electronic radar that will enable the detection of those unmanned platforms. The company says that its radar is lightweight, has low power consumption and has a range of 400 meters. The system performs a 3D 90 degrees vertical scanning and an horizontal 360 degrees scanning. The company claims that the system provides 1.5 degrees horizontal and vertical accuracy.

The new radar, according to the company, performs a 360 degrees scanning every second.

20150504_124127The small radars and the control center where the data is received communicate via WiFi, Lan, Rj45 and 3G. The system gets its power supply through an electric grid and has as an optional 4 lithium batteries to last through 48-96 hours of operations as well as a solar panel.

A primary use for the system is homeland security, for instance, along fences or borders as an extra layer of protection above and beyond human patrols. Another potential use for the technology is to detect traffic congestion, helping to regulate traffic. The system can, as well as detection, jam approaching quadcopters and cause them to malfunction. This is potentially useful in combating drug smuggling by drone and to prevent UAV aerial incidents.

According to the company, the system ensures blind zones coverage: 3D-360° and assures detection and tracking in high density environment.

The system emits low radiation during operations, which makes it safe for use in urban areas.

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