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In his lecture at the Future Forces conference, Major General (ret.) Gershon Hacohen talked about the future battlefield and the way the future soldier operates in future battle concepts. In the past, he said, a small force trying to stand against a larger and better force was doomed to fail, whereas the new war – due to new capabilities – allows small groups to damage a superior force. For example, a single person can shot an antitank missile from afar towards the larger force, causing great damage. The combat rationale has changed beyond recognition.

The battlefield has also changed. Battle takes place in an urban surroundings most of the time, unlike the past, where a battle mostly took place in jungles or open spaces. The new threats are also quite different.

The concept of the term “occupation” has also changed throughout the years. It is no longer enough to conquer some high building and hang a flag – today one must damage the symbols. The new war demands the soldier to not only be a soldier, but also a diplomat – to be familiar with the culture and the society which he’s in a war against. There’s a symbolic significance to objects in the social space and there’s a need to know them and their significance to fight better and get the message across as best as possible. The attack has to carry with it a certain message, not only cause damage.

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