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President John F. Kennedy and pope John Paul II are two obvious examples of the importance of vehicle armors for high ranking officials under threat.

But threats of assassinations on people while they are riding their cars aren’t unique only to political or religious figures. In the modern world, the threat is relevant to known people from the show business, sports celebrities and more. This forces those in charge of security to give a lot of thought to protecting the car they’re driving so they can be safe not just in their private home.

The need also arises in warfare. Armored vehicles can sometimes be the only thing protecting soldiers from being hurt while on the road.

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The Israeli company Mayotex-Philcar is one of the leading companies for vehicle armoring for those who feel their lives are in danger. The company provides top rate protection means for military and private clients and covers private vehicles, trucks, buses and off-road vehicles of various kinds. The company, formed around 30 years ago, can provide heavy protection systems from roadside charges or systems protecting from gun shots and rocks.

The long experience accumulated in the armoring field comes mostly from the West Bank but the northern border and the border with Lebanon have also aided in developing advanced technologies which the company uses at need.

The company will present its technologies at the Future Forces conference.