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ATR600Israeli technology used also on civil aircraft that serve as platforms for  military systems enhances their capabilities.

Elbit Systems and the regional turboprop aircraft manufacturer ATR signed an agreement for integrating ClearVision Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) with the SKYLENS wearable display onboard the new ATR-600 series.

The system can also be offered as a retrofit to other ATR-600 aircrafts already in service.

The ATR-600 is a civil aircraft but can be used to carry military systems like observation and detection systems

According to the Israeli company the system will enhance flight safety, and will  contribute to the operational availability of turboprop aircraft, often required to operate from airfields lacking sophisticated infrastructure.

Elbit says that equipped with the new ClearVision EFVS and SKYLENS wearable display, aircraft are capable of take-off and landing in low visibility conditions and in locations that non EVS-equipped aircraft previously could not approach.

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According to the agreement between the two companies, Clearvision EFVS will be introduced as an option for both ATR 42-600 and 72-600 models. ATR will be the launch customer for SKYLENS, which replaces the traditional Head Up Display (HUD) in this configuration. Certification is expected by 2017.

SKYLENS is a part of the Clearvision Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) family. It displays high-resolution information, images and video on a high transparency visor, providing pilots with cutting edge head out capabilities.