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לחיצת יד הודו צרפתThe Paris AirShow is meant, among other things, to offer a chance for business interactions between the many production companies in the world aerial industry and other companies in the field, in order to reach a fertile cooperation between said companies and to upgrade the products produced in the field. One of the main issues today is without a doubt the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. One example of an international cooperation deal signed thanks to the AirShow is between the french LH Aviation and the indian OIS Advanced Technologies. According to the agreement, the LH-D UAV made by the french company will be put together on the indian company’s assembly lines, which will make a constant flow of supply to that market much easier.

The LH-D has Medium-Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) and automatic lifting and landing capabilities. The cost of producing one platform of it is about 4 million euros and the cost of one hour of flight is approximately 80 euros. According to the agreement made in the Paris AirShow, the vehicle made in India must be able to carry up to 280kg and carry out aerial missions autonomously for 24 hours. The speed of the LH-D is between 115-340 km/h and it is built in a way that makes it ready to be operable in any field of operation in less than one hour.