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You are standing by a white, shiny, family car. This car looks just like the car next door.

You are going past a new SUV, and you look at it yearningly. This is the car you always wanted.

But the cars are only identical on the outside.

If no one showed me the systems installed in the car, which include advanced surveillance systems, I would never have imagined they even exist there.

YTS is an Israeli company, who characterizes plans and assembles these operation vehicles for its clients, in Israel and abroad.

The client list is confidential, but it includes everything. Why do these clients come to an Israeli company?

Doron Stempler, the company CEO explains, “we have vast experience in the characterization, design, and production of operation vehicles for many unique missions, and our clients are aware of it”.

The factory works under strict confidentiality. Its clients don’t want that uninvolved parties will know what is being built for them in the company factory. Despite the fact that the structure is safely disguised, it includes a workshop, which performs the most sensitive projects. Trust me.

The company purchases the cars from their destination country. As you know, the car companies manufacture models that look slightly different for each country. Everything has to fit in.

For example – if such a surveillance vehicle goes into a slum in South America, it has to fit in the neighborhood smoothly. Everyone around there is suspicious.

The vehicles arrive at the company headquarters in Israel. There, the company starts planning the installation of the surveillance, communication and command systems.

These systems are in the forefront of technology. They range from miniature cameras through multi-channeled communication systems and power generators, and this is only a partial list.

Stempler explains that usually, the company employees go to the country where the car is supposed to act in order to plan the installation of the systems in a way to guarantee the satisfaction of the extremely high operational demands.

“A surveillance car only has a driver seat, and a large amount of cameras scan the area all around and transmits the visual images to the party who needs it, who can be a thousand miles away”.

A few of the leading security industries in Israel are YTS clients. When they do a project of surveillance and control systems, they usually provide the company with the details of the planning and the installation of the gear. The knowledge that exists in this company leans upon the operational experience of all Israeli security parties.

The company employs 35 employees, but many subcontractors assist its operation; each of them is an expert in his field.

The Company devotes plenty of thought to ergonomics. Surveillance missions can go on for many hours and so, it is important that whoever sits in the car feels comfortable.

“Our developments are currently operative in the entire world,” Stempler says. After visiting the factory, the reason for this is obvious.