Fast Draw – The threat from Lebanon

Fast Draw – The threat from Lebanon

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Hizbollah-2Hezbollah’s open preparations for another round against Israel are extremely worrying. They are not only worrying due to the dozens of rockets the terror organization had ready for this round, but also because of what might happen in the Israeli cabinet, supposed to run the Israeli aspect of such armed confrontation. One should not be a great expert to realize that in this government, which appears to be lame, the cabinet will not be much better.

There will be hesitation, leaks and defamations. There will not be any determination. The lack of determination during Operation Protective Edge will be seen as paradise compared to what we have coming.

Look at the composition and the non-connecting interests and you realize how much we have to fear. This is not the cabinet to react to a sudden strike by Hezbollah with a blowing death strike. This is not the cabinet to realize that Israel cannot be, once more, in a war of attrition with a terror organization, which might last for weeks.

A series of articles by the Lebanese newspaper, “Asfir”, describes a network of tunnels and bunkers below the northern border, rockets that are ready to launch and a well-trained logistics corps.

The Lebanese journal exposes a peak in the deployment of forces on the Israeli border. In a series of articles it published over the weekend – to celebrate 15 years of the IDF retreat from Southern Lebanon, the journal describes a combatant structure, which includes great troops of warriors, tunnels, bunkers, observers and dozens of rockets.

According to the report, the forces’ deployment in the bunkers is at its peak, and it allows the organization to be constantly ready to war. The journal further describes the ventilation system of the tunnels, to prevent humidity, which might harm the equipment, and a network of escape shafts. In addition, there are dozens of rockets and missiles wrapped in special materials to keep them ready for the launch command.

The report depicts tunnels with regular electricity and supplies, which does not include canned food, but special food that can be stored for long weeks, and which satisfies the needs of the warriors. The special food is packed in cardboard boxes, which are only opened at wartime, according to a set order, and is changed once every five months, to keep it fresh. The newspaper points out that the warriors deployed in the area are not on stand-by, but they are working around the clock, creating additional tunnels, bunkers and observation points. The digging work is done with old-fashioned, manual equipment – there are bags to collect the dirt, which is later scattered around the fields or covered by branches, to hide it.

The reports on the Hezbollah tunnels around the Israeli border were first evident after Operation Protective Edge, when residents of the Northern District claimed to have heard digging sounds. Hezbollah never related to these reports, but the organization secretary, Hassan Nasrallah spoke a lot over the last few months regarding the preparedness of his organization to combat in the Israeli front, about the development of battle methods and about improving the logistics structure.

I repeat my argument, that if Hezbollah is tempted to use the dozens of rockets it accumulated, Israel can respond by a blasting strike to make the terror organization quickly wave a white flag.

Nevertheless, we do not have a cabinet to give such an order, and Hezbollah knows that as well. Hassan Nasrallah is a wise man, and he understands perfectly all that is happening in Israel. He knows that after the last election, Israel has the weakest government it had in years.