The rocket threat is international – India evaluates the “Iron Dome”

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123Rafael is offering its “Iron Dome” rocket interceptor to the Indian army. The “Iron Dome” has achieved an amazing 90 % kill rate in the last fighting in Gaza. In parallel, Rafael is continuing the development of its longer range rocket and missile interceptor – the “David’s Sling”. According to sources the development is scheduled to be complete at the end of next year.

Last November, Rafael and the Israeli missile defense organization (IMDO) performed a successful test of the “David’s Sling” long range rocket interceptor system.

During the test , the Elta radar was operated in “shadow” mode while the target was detected by other sensors. In future tests , the Elta radar will be used as the main sensor.

The sensors detected the incoming long range rocket and seconds later the “Stunner” interceptor was launched and destroyed the target rocket. Sources said that the inert interceptor achieved a kinetic hit.

The ” David’s Sling ” is being developed as a “kinetic kill” systems a fact thatg will allow to verify the destruction of the threat .

The “David’s Sling” system is an additional part of the multi layered defence system Israel is building to defend itself from rockets and missiles. The first layer is the “Iron Dome” .

The “David’s Sling” will be the second layer with the Arrow-2 and Arrow -3 the third layer against ballistic missiles. The “David’s Sling” is designed to intercept rockets with a range of 70 to 250 km but this capability will increase in the future. The system is also designed to intercept cruise missiles.

The cruise missiles intercept capability has been designed as “threats are changing” according to Israeli sources.

Many countries in the world have realized that rockets of all types are not only a threat for troops but for civilians. That might affect the potential size of the market for anti rockets systems.

Illustration Pictures with courtesy of IDF’s spokesman unit