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IMI's portable shielded unit
IMI’s portable shielded unit

IMI, Israel military industries, has developed a check-point cubicle, designed to withstand direct hits by Grad missiles. The new portable cubicle is designed for quick positioning in entries to public, industrial and other compounds, this is in order to allow for continuous functionality in times of security crisis.

The new cubicle is made of materials constructed on the basis of IMI’s vast know-how, accumulated through years of, among other things, manufacturing protective shielding for public structures and schools in the towns and villages close to the border with Gaza.

The shielded cubicle has successfully passed a series of tests. One cubicle has already been positioned at the entry to Kfar Silver near Ashkelon. This should help the students of the educational institute and its security personnel achieve normality when under threat of attack.

IMI’s portable shielded unit is a creative solution for a well-known problem. In cases of attack security personnel remain open to injury, since they are forbidden to leave their position to find shelter. The cubicle was designed by the HLS division in IMI, particularly in order to assist the beleaguered south of Israel.

The structure comes complete with air conditioning ( a necessity in this area of Israel), sanitation equipment, electricity and lighting. It is specifically adapted to serve as a check-point, it’s basic size is 10 sq meters, with a protected part that can hold up to 15. Several of these cubicles can be placed next to each other in order to increase its capacity.

IMI is known as a world leader in shielding systems. Its experience derives from years of production for military purposes – shielding armed personal carriers and tanks – which it is now adapting for civilian use as well.