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Jaisalmer near the India Pakistan border
Jaisalmer near the India Pakistan border

India is planning to purchase systems aimed at detecting unmanned aerial vehicles, to deal with a growing threat posed by Pakistani UASs flown next to the border.

The Indian Border Security Force (BSF) protested last week against Pakistan army’s UASs, flown 200-300 meters away from the Indo-Pak border and at a height of 400-500 meters, this near Ganganagar, Bikaner and Jaisalmer. The Pakistanis fly the UASs for surveillance purposes, in order to record army activities and security arrangements in India.

According to the Times of India a protest was handed by the BSF to the Pak rangers last Friday, this after a UAS has been found spying on Indian security arrangements for several days in the part of the border that runs through Rajasthan. The Indian Air Force too is updated about this.

A reliable defense source said that red lights sparking in the sky night in the Rajashtan border areas are a common sight, and that Pakistan’s spying UAVs is a growing worry. The sources told the Times that Pakistan had developed a UAS a few years ago with the help of both USA and Italy.

The UASs in question have very advanced cameras installed in them, able to take photographs of territory on the Indian side of the border, both day and night. Their operators stay 25-30 meters away from where they are flown, and can view the pictures sent by the aerial vehicle on a screen. The UASs are capable of flying long distances.