Washington limits Israeli defense exports

Washington limits Israeli defense exports

מערכת "קלע דוד" משגרת טיל המיירט טיל-מטרה במהלך ניסוי

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David’s Sling Weapons System Stunner Missile intercepts target during inaugural flight test
David’s Sling Weapons System Stunner Missile intercepts target during inaugural flight test

Another attempt will be made to allow the sale of the Israeli developed “David’s Sling” rocket interceptor to Poland. Last year the U.S has vetoed this proposed sale.

Senior sources told i-HLS that as compensation, Rafael – the manufacturer of the Israeli David’s Sling defense system – will be allowed to participate in a future US-led arms sale to Warsaw.

David’s Sling is still at least a year away from rollout at Israel’s state-owned Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. It is designed to shoot down heavy rockets and cruise missiles. Raytheon has teamed with Rafael for the program.

Last November, Rafael and the Israeli missile defense organization (IMDO) performed a second successful test of the “David’s Sling” long range rocket interceptor system. The target was destroyed by the “Stunner” interceptor in a kinetic hit. The “hit to kill” interceptor allows to verify the destruction of the threat to avoid using a second interceptor.

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David's SlingThe “David’s Sling” system will be part of the multi layered defense system Israel is building to defend itself from rockets and missiles. The first layer is the “Iron Dome” also developed by Rafael. This system is designed to intercept short range rockets.

The “David’s Sling” will be the second layer with the Arrow-2 and Arrow -3 the third layer against ballistic missiles. The “David’s Sling” is designed to intercept rockets with a range of 70 to 250 km but this capability will increase in the future. The system is also designed to intercept cruise missiles. The cruise missiles intercept capability has been designed as “threats are changing”. This, according to Israeli sources.

It should be noted that in recent years, Israeli defense exports have exceeded $7 billion dollar a year, placing Israel in third place after the US and Russia as a global military exporter. Not only are Israeli systems and munitions sold worldwide, future deals are in the offing with new markets in Asia and Africa.