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As expected China’s drones are slowly making their way to foreign markets around the world.

China demonstrated the ASN-209 multipurpose tactical reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles for the first time at the Africa Aerospace and Defense held in Tshwane, South Africa in September 2014.

Designed by the Xi’an ASN Technology Group, ASN-209 is a medium-altitude, medium-endurance aircraft with a range of 200 kilometers or 10 hours of flight. Egypt is currently the only foreign user of the ASN-209.

According to Want China Times, ASN-209G, the upgraded version of the ASN-209, can only cruise for half the time. To compensate, it can be equipped with two laser-guided missiles.

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China is trying to equip weapon systems with the unmanned aerial vehicles it develops for the foreign market.

BA-7 laser-guided missiles, designed by China North Industries Corporation, can be seen on the Wing Loong drones designed for the United Arab Emirates. The CH-3 and CH-4 drones are also fitted with the AR-1 missile.

CH-3Pakistan is the primary user of Chinese drones. The CH-3 has already begun its service with the army and Beijing and Islamabad are still discussing the export of CH-4 drones. The United Arab Emirates is also receiving exports of YL-1A drones.

China is looking for other buyers, including Saudi Arabia and Algeria. The countries purchasing Chinese drones are either China’s traditional allies or oil exporters in the Middle East.