An Israeli missile on European helicopters


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Agusta Westland will equip its AW 159 helicopter armed with the Rafael Spike NLOS missiles.

A Rafael source said that the missile was recently selected for another helicopter.

The sources added that many armed forces are interested in the missiles because of its cost effectiveness and the fact that it can be launched from the ground and from the air. Commonality plays a major role in some competitions.

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Rafael has teamed with Airbus Helicopters and Agusta Westland and they are now offering the Israeli company’s Spike missiles as and integral part of the weapon system carried by their helicopters.

Agusta Westland is currently offering its AW 159 helicopter armed with the Rafael Spike NLOS missile. This helicopter was purchased by South Korea and the Israeli missile is its main weapon system

The missile is also carried by the Airbus Helicopters Tiger that are used by the Spanish army.

The Colombian army’s Arpia-4 (Blackhawk) is armed with all the members of the Spike family – the ER, LR and NLOS.

A Rafael source said that currently the Airbus Helicopters AS-550 Fennec is being offered with the Spike missiles.