Homeland security away from home – International Cooperation

Homeland security away from home – International Cooperation

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13660605_sIsrael will enhance the cooperation between its security services and those of other countries to foil terror attacks on their soil.”Homeland security” has been expanded following the investigation of the terror attack in Bulgaria last year.

After months of speculation, the Bulgarian government has finally confirmed that Hezbollah was behind the Burgas bus bombing that killed 6, including five Israelis, in July of last year.

Three people were involved in the attack, two of whom had passports from Australia and Canada.

“We have established that the two were members of the militant wing of Hezbollah,” a Bulgarian source said “There is data showing the financing and connection between Hezbollah and the two suspects.”

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, hailed the findings and thanked the Bulgarian government for its investigation. Israel has also accused Iran of helping orchestrate the attack. “This is yet a further corroboration of what we have already known, that Hezbollah and its Iranian patrons are orchestrating a worldwide campaign of terror that is spanning countries and continents,” Netanyahu said.

He further added: “The attack in Burgas was only one of a series of recent terrorist operations against civilians in Thailand, Kenya, Turkey, India, Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Georgia. All this is happening in parallel to the deadly support given by Hezbollah and Iran to the murderous Assad regime in Syria.

The attack in Burgas was an attack on European soil against a member country of the EU. We hope that the Europeans draw the necessary conclusions as to the true character of Hezbollah.”