Israel’s CyberSpark initiative receives a boost as yet another company joins

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Cyber Security FTREAnother company has just announced joining as a partner in the CyberSpark Industry Initiative, a non-profit organization established to enhance government-private sector collaboration in Israel and the wider international technology community through its cyber center, based at the Advanced Technologies Park, Beer-Sheva. To date, among the participants have been EMC, Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) and BGN Technologies.

The CyberSpark Industry Initiative serves as a coordinating body for joint cyber industry activities with various government agencies, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) and academia.

CyberSpark is geared towards leveraging the significant potential in the field of cyber technology, capitalizing on the growth in Beer-Sheva in recent years. The organization will lead the marketing of the region as a global cyber center, encourage further joint academia-industry research studies, support the development of plans to recruit and develop the talents of local cyber specialists and attract further local and national investment in the region.

Now, Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] has just announced joining the CyberSpark initiative.

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Roni Zehavi CyberSpark, Lockheed Martin Managing Director, Industry Initiative, said: “Welcoming Lockheed Martin to the Cyber Spark Initiative is another important pillar in establishing Israel as a key region for cyber excellence.”

Joshua Shani, Chief Executive of Lockheed Martin Israel, said: “This is another step in Lockheed Martin’s plans to develop additional partnerships with the information, communications and technology industry and academia in Israel. We believe that Lockheed Martin will play a key role in establishing Israel as a globally-respected cyber center via a significant contribution of skills, experience and inward investment in jobs.”

Lockheed Martin’s addition to the CyberSpark Industry follows the establishment of a new Lockheed Martin office in Beer-Sheva in April.