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Cybersecurity experts believe that Russia needs to strengthen the protection of its nuclear power stations and other critical infrastructure facilities and systems from cyber attacks. They hope that a discussion of a new bill on the security of critical information infrastructure will go forward in the State Duma by the end of 2014.

Information about cyber attacks on critical infrastructure facilities and systems rarely becomes public domain. However, according to specialists, such incidents do occur. According to Alexei Lukatsky, a consultant on information security at Cisco Systems Russia, the CIA built a logic bomb in the software of one of the USSR’s gas pipelines in 1982.

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Later in the decade an employee hacked software at one of the USSR’s nuclear power plants near the Baltic Sea that the reactor depended on to function. The most famous incident occurred in 2010, when the Stuxnet virus infected uranium enrichment installations in Iran. Later the Kaspersky Lab discovered traces of the same virus in the Russian Federal Space Agency and the Russian State Nuclear Corporation.

According to Russia Beyond The Headlines, experts think that Russia must strengthen its security at its most critical infrastructure sites. In April 2014 the State Duma was supposed to hold a discussion on the new bill concerning the security of critical information infrastructure, but it was postponed by legislators. Sources told RBTH that they hope the bill will be examined by the end of 2014.