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NEW DELHI: India and Israel today discussed the implementation of agreement on counter-terrorism and homeland security between the two countries. Israel’s Ambassador to India Daniel Carmon met Home with Minister Rajnath Singh and told him that Israel is looking forward to a meaningful cooperation with India in the area of homeland security.

The Home Minister welcomed the ceasefire in Gaza and hoped that it would usher in peace and tranquility in the region that would be beneficial for both the sides.

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The ambassador agreed with the Home Minister and underscored the mutual values and concerns both countries share. “We have also discussed how to implement the agreement on counter-terror and homeland security that Israel and India have already signed,” said Ambassador Carmon.

According to Economic Times, India and Israel have agreements on homeland and public security, on protection of classified materials and information, and on a mutual legal assistance treaty in criminal matters.

Replying to queries, the ambassador said “the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is definitely a danger to free world and India and Israel are part of the free world,” he said.
The Ambassador has invited the Home Minister to attend the third Israel Homeland Security International Conference and Exhibition to be held in Tel Aviv during November this year.