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  • 30364273_sSecretary   of  State John Kerry urge world powers to unite against “the cancer f ISIS”,  saying the only way to defeat tem is for the world to come together to oppose them.
  • Saudi’s King Abdullah says the threat of terrorism would reach Europe and the US if it is not confronted on an international scale.
  •  The US has begun delivering $20 million worth arms to the Lebanese army, including assault rifles, anti-tank missiles and mortars. The supply of arms began after Islamist extremists seized a border town for several days this month.

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  •   Iceland told airlines to be vigilant following a volcanic eruption this weekend. Iceland’s Met Office issues an orange alert, indicating that the Barbarbunga volcano has shown “escalating unrest”.
  • Hundreds of Yazidi women and girls are being sold by ISIS to its fighters in Syria, says the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, a UK based monitoring group. CNN reports ISIS has sold about 300 Yazidi girls and women abducted in Iraq.
  • The West African country of Senegal has confirmed its first Ebola case. Senegal is the fifth country in the region where the virus has been spreading.
  • Ukranian forces claim one of its fighter jets has been shot by Russian missiles in eastern Ukraine on Friday. The statement the SU-25 jet was hit and the pilot has ejected unhurt. The EU is now considering imposing new sanctions against Russia.