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18315594_m egozi featureUS President Barak Obama declared Syria’s entire disclosed arsenal of chemical ordnances fully destroyed, a few weeks ahead of schedule. In his declaration at the White House, the president said that the most lethal chemical weapons Syria avowed has been destroyed by US specialists using a unique technique.

Your eyes do no deceive you: ‘Syria’s Entire avowed arsenal’. If this wasn’t so sad, it could have been the best joke of the entire decade.

The president’s own statement seems to denote he fully believes each word from President Assad, who continues to slaughter his own people.

I hereby tell you unequivocally, based on experts’ views: Syria retains its lethal chemical assault capability, and also continues to develop such weaponry.

I was on the verge of laughing when I came across President Obama’s statement, but this is hardly amusing when you realize Syria’s chemical arsenal is coupled with unflinching readiness to kill thousands without batting an eye.

This spells the same end for Iran’s nuclear arms as well as anywhere else Washington continues not to realize that Damascus and Teheran are not Washington or New York.


Hamas won. Israel lost. The fact that Hamas dictates to Israel when the ceasefire starts and when does it end is a testament to the murderous terrorist organization’s victory.

The fact that Israel backs down in the face of several demands by Hamas, presented as absolute taboo until only a few days ago, proves Hamas is victorious.

iHLS Israel Homeland Security

The fact that Israeli communities along the border with the Gaza Strip are bolstering their defenses these days after years of neglect attests that Israel itself does not believe this front is headed for calm.

The fact that none of the members of Hamas’ leadership got hurt, and that no attempt was made to take them out, attests that none of the objectives of Operation Protective Shield have been achieved.

The fact that demolishing all the combat tunnels or at least some of them has become one the operation’s primary objectives in the course of the fighting also attests that Israel failed in its original objective – eliminating Hamas ability to launch rockets from the Gaza Strip.

Prime Minister Natanyahu’s visit to Sdreot yesterday and his strong words there attest that a vacuous statement cannot conceal the bungles that have characterized this operation from the onset, and I am referring to the botched deeds of the leadership which gave the IDF its orders: unwillingness to go all the way. It is generally called treading in the same place, but when you see how Israel’s cabinet is run, you realize where all this is coming from. Each minister comes up with his own ludacris plan, each minister is scrambling for another minute of airtime on morning talk shows.

And here’s another fact for you: today marks the beginning of the countdown until the next round. Maybe the next operation will be called ‘crumbling edge’ or something like that, but as these names are picked by a computer, chances are the name won’t be so catchy.