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MD19HD test flight. Photo: IAI
MD19HD test flight. Photo: IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) M-19HD payload has successfully completed its first airborne test-flight on a light aircraft as part of the development program. Additional test-flights are expected on IAI’s Heron unmanned air system (UAS). The successful flight lasted about two-and-a-half hours during which operations of sensors, payload stabilization and tracking capabilities were tested.

M-19HD is a true High-Definition, compactly designed, multispectral, multi-sensor, single line-replacement unit (LRU) payload (simultaneously incorporating up to 7 sensors). M-19HD enables continuous day/night surveillance in all weather conditions and provides outstanding acquisition ranges due to its powerful sensors, high stabilization and unique image processing capabilities.

Unmanned Systems Event 2014 – Israel

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M-19HD reduces the operator’s workload and improves situational awareness by virtue of its multi-mode automatic video tracker (AVT). It also provides accurate geo-location using its embedded IMU/GPS (Inertial Measurement Unit/Global Positioning System).