Living with Iran: Israel’s Strategic Imperative

צילום: מרכז בגין-סאדאת

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By Professor Louis René Beres and General John T. Chain

Photo: BESA Center
Photo: BESA Center

In response to the almost inevitable Iranian nuclear bomb, Israel must suitably integrate a clear nuclear deterrence posture with multi-layered active defenses.

This complex effort should include relevant cyber-defenses, emergent space technologies, and certain core modifications of Israel’s deliberate nuclear ambiguity. All regional enemies should already understand that Israel is a nuclear power, but taking the bomb out of the “basement” could help Jerusalem dispel any still-lingering doubts about the country’s available nuclear capacity and resolve.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

Iran must never be allowed to believe that Israel’s strategic forces are somehow too vulnerable to first-strike attack, or too destructive for operational military use.

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