New EU Border Security Project

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The European border security agency Frontex is calling on industry to present its border surveillance solutions to key stakeholders and EU member state authorities at two workshops to be held in Poland and Finland this year

Illustration photo (123rf)
Illustration photo (123rf)

One of the key objectives of Frontex is to keep member states informed about new technological developments in the field of border control. In this regard, Frontex seeks to put more emphasis on organizing with the help of member states and practical demonstrations of new technologies.

The Research and Development Unit of Frontex will organize, on Apr. 10 in Warsaw, Poland, a workshop on the challenges and opportunities for border surveillance sensors and platforms. Key stakeholders and representatives of EU member states’ authorities involved in border control will attend. Frontex is inviting all relevant industry to present its latest technological developments in border security surveillance, especially from the perspective of cost-efficiency.

The surveillance of external borders is one of the essential components of border control in the EU. Border surveillance activities take place in wide border areas and present a variety of challenges such as detection and tracking of small boats; systems integration; the trade-off between effectiveness and cost; and the surveillance capabilities of border patrol vessels.

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Surveillance of EU external borders has to ensure effective detection of irregular immigration activities. The technical systems involved include different types of sensors and communication systems and software in order to create a situational picture and to make it available to participants involved in specific operations.

Hovering electro-optical systems (together with other sensor systems) can play important roles in further enhancing border surveillance by filling the gaps not covered by other border surveillance methods. These technologies are also of relevance for the development of the common European Border Surveillance System known as EUROSUR.

In cooperation with the Finnish Border Guard, Frontex’s Research and Development Unit is organizing a demonstration and workshop during which relevant industry will present to member states’ experts the latest achievements on “hovering electro-optical systems” for sea and land border surveillance.