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Israel Aerospace Industries today announced a new Cyber EarlyWarning R&D Center in Singapore.

Joseph Weiss, IAI's president & CEO and Mr. Yeoh Keat Chuan, EDB's Managing Director, at the Cyber Early Warning R&D Center unveiling ceremony.
Joseph Weiss, IAI’s president & CEO and Mr. Yeoh Keat Chuan, EDB’s Managing Director, at the Cyber Early Warning R&D Center unveiling ceremony.

It will tap into the Singaporean talent for the development of innovative cyber early warning technologies. The early warning center is expected to grow within five years, and will employ research scientists, professional computer analysts and engineers.

The cyber R&D center will comprise of professional computer analysts (known as “white-hat hackers”), scientists and engineers. With the goal of tackling complex problems in the cyber arena, the center will develop prototypes for cyber early warning solutions, mature prototypes into fully-fledged customer-grade solutions, and market the solutions both in Singapore and abroad.

The center’s workforce will be based primarily on Singaporean employees. Its mandate also emphasizes the build-up of local capability by cooperating with local and international academic and research facilities.

IHLS – Israel Homeland Security


The cyber R&D center will closely cooperate with IAI. Initial research will focus on critical and emerging areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Active defence capabilities- aim to identify cyber attackers in real time.
  • Cyber geo-location resolution- aims to identify the physical location of cyber attackers.
  • Advanced anomaly detection capabilities- to identify deviation from routine behaviour.

Mr. Yeoh Keat Chuan, Managing Director of the Singapore Economic Development Board, commented: “Our strong connectivity to regional markets… will enhance these companies’ [foreign companies such as IAI] abilities to serve the growing demand in Asia for such solutions.”