iStock_000000318458XSmallThis is one of the many examples to the flow of technologies from “pure” defense to homeland security. The “Trophy” active protection suit develop by RAFAEL for the Israeli “MERKAVA 4” main battle tank is now used to protect cars.

The Trophy active protection system rapidly detects and tracks any anti-tank threat, classifies it, estimates the optimal intercept point in space and finally neutralizes it away from the platform using countermeasures.

The threat detection and warning subsystem consists of several sensors, including search radar with four flat-panel antennas, located around the protected vehicle – providing full hemispherical coverage. The neutralization process will take place only if the threat is about to hit the platform.

According to RAFAEL, because of the fact that passive protection systems are too heavy for light vehicles – there is a growing need to equip them with lighter versions of the “Trophy”.

The Israeli active protection system is currently produced in three basic models.
• Model HV installed on tanks.
• Model MV for larger vehicles including light armored personnel carrier (APC)
• Model LV for “soft” vehicles like the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), commonly known as the Humvee

A RAFAEL source told i-HLS that the understanding for the operational need to defend light vehicles from anti-tank weapons like RPG is now shared by many defense forces, homeland security agencies and other organizations.

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