IHLSThe Israeli designed and built ZIBAR MK2 unique off-road automotive platform is in many aspects suited to the operational needs of special anti-terror units.

The ZIBAR Mk has an impressive 4X4 off-road specification, powered by 620 horse power by a powerful V8 engine and a robust Automatic Transmission, which enables it to handle extremely harsh terrain and tackle demanding off-road challenges.

The ZIBAR MK2 has been tested in deserts across the world in operating temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius. Handling sand dunes, rocky trails, swamps and water. According to the Israeli company it is unstoppable!

Offering unmatched Functionality, mobility and survivability, enabling tactical forces and special units fast deployment times and high Maneuverability.
The ZIBAR MK2 offers a unique Flexible platform that can be easily and quickly tailored to each Customer’s special needs, while maintaining flexibility for future changing requirements and needs.

The ZIBAR MK 2 Characteristics:

  • Total weight of 4.2 tons and can carry a payload of 1.5 tons.
  • Overall Width: 2,130 mm (83.85”)
  • Overall Length: 4,950 mm (194.88”)
    ihlssThe Measured Length includes The Spare Tire, Spare Tire Mount, and Winch And Winch Mount;
  • Overall Height: 1,900 mm (74.80”)
  • Wheel Base: 3,250 mm (127.95”)
  • Top speed: 200 KM/h (124M/h)
  • Acceleration 0-100 km (0-60 M): 5 seconds
  • Approach Angle: 90 deg
  • Departure Angle: 40 deg
  • Side slope handling: 60%
  • Longitudinal slope handling: 100%
  • Ditch Crossing: 0.8 M (2.6′)
  • Step Climbing Ability: 0.75 M (2.4’)
  • Water Obstacle Crossing: 0.8 M (2.6′)
  • Operation Range: fully loaded condition – 700 Km (435 m)
Ido Off-Road Center that has developed this unique vehicle was founded in 1982 by Ido Cohen, a leading figure in the Israeli off-road arena. Ido Cohen is the general manager of Ido Off-Road Center and the head supervisor on each of the designs and improvements build by the off road center.חוצה ישראל