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The security department of the Israeli airport authority (IAA) is investigating why a truck stolen by Palestinians broke through the security check point of Ben-Gurion airport this morning was stopped only 200 meters before the main terminal building.

Where was airport security?

A truck stolen by two Palestinians broke through the security barrier at Ben Gurion airport at 3.30 AM and stopped only when security guards fired and punctured its tires. The two suspects fled on foot and were arrested minutes later. Police sappers checked the truck and did not find any suspicious items. Flights were temporarily suspended due to the incident.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Defense

The investigation showed that the two Palestinians stole the truck shortly before they arrived to the first check point on the entry road to the passenger terminal. The truck was stopped 200 meters from terminal 3 and the two Palestinians were arrested minutes later after they left the truck’s cabin and started to run.

The assessment is that the two arrived by mistake to the entrance road to the airport and when asked to show identity documents at the first check point, panicked and tried to run away.

The airport’s operation was disrupted for almost an hour but by now the planned schedule has been restored. The spokesperson of the IAA said that the airport manager praised the security guards operation.