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A unique deployment planning service simplifies deployment of security systems and allows clear projections of the sensors’ coverage prior to deployment.


Deployment of modern security systems requires prolonged site surveys to set for the deployment of sensors like radars and cameras. The deployment plan sets the proper types, numbers and physical locations of sensors that will deliver the coverage essential for securing the protected site. Even after extended surveys, the design team often has doubts regarding the coverage that will be realized by the system once deployed.


Jedvice offers a unique deployment planning service that supports the preliminary design stages of security systems through advanced geographical processing tools. The planning session analyzes the area surrounding the site to be protected and pinpoints alternative locations for the sensors that deliver the best coverage of the required area as defined by the operational customer.

The alternative points, best covering the required area, are further analyzed for the expected coverage according to the sensor’s capabilities and compared with the required coverage to assess whether additional sensors are required for gap-filling.

Those alternative points can also be promptly assessed and verified during a short and focused physical survey in the field.

In addition, specific setup profiles required by some sensors such as elevation profiles are easily established through further processing of the projected coverage of the sensor.

Over the years, Jedvice has conducted such deployment planning sessions for various protection projects such as borders, airports, seaports and many other critical sites. Through these sessions – tangible 3D reports are produced that may be observed and browsed by Google-Earth’s imaging capabilities.


These reports, easily observable by common tools, may also be utilized as a substrate for coordinating expectations with the customer and even as a marketing tool for tender proposals.
Past experience shows that customers’ personnel including operational officers, derive valuable information from such easy to apprehend reports that help in properly setting up and arranging for the system.

Security system deployment planning based on Jedvice’s tools benefits from years of field experience and helps reducing system design margins and overhead hence optimizing proposals.

By Eran Jedwab, Jedvice CEO