iStock_000020622121XSmallThe Canadian police are looking at using facial-recognition technology to nab terrorists and law-breakers who try to slip into Canada at Pearson Airport to cause trouble or derail the Pan-Am Games.

The Canadians have contacted some Israeli companies for proposals on methods to screening the visitors without creating “traffic jams” and bottle-necks in the airport.

The technology, that uses passport photos to screen travelers, may be ready in time to help process estimated 250,000 tourists, 10,000 athletes and officials arriving for the 2015 Pan/Para-pan American Games, according to police.

More than 10,000 athletes, coaches and delegates from the Caribbean and Central, South and North America will compete in 48 sports at more than 40 venues, spread across several municipalities of the Greater Golden Horseshoe Region.

The Canadians are expected to invite Israeli security experts to offer them some solutions based on technology but also on other methods used in Ben-Gurion airport in Israel.