Situational awareness – the next generation

Situational awareness – the next generation

Situational awareness is a key and enabler for many homeland security related operations. Recently Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled its new Optical – Peripheral Situational Awareness System (O-PAS).


O-PAS, developed by IAI’s TAMAM Division, is an automatic detection, classification and tracking system of potential land and marine threats. The system can be installed on towers, surveillance vehicles or maritime platforms.

O-PAS enables rapid coverage of wide land areas or marine sectors, as well as automatic detection and classification of pre-determined targets – whether humans, vehicles or marine vessels. The system controls the operation of electro optical sensors, analyzes the live video streams of the surveyed area and presents the potential threats on a panoramic display. It also provides the operator with target location – crucial information for fast response.

O-PAS can be operated as a standalone system, while allowing the operator to cover an increased surveyed area and allow detection of additional targets within a short period of time. The system can also operate with a radar system. Its rapid detection capabilities provide fast lock and optical tracking on any radar signals and help the operator quickly evaluate the potential threat after any radar detection.

The O-PAS system’s mode of passive operation is crucial for stealth operation. State-of-the-art machine-vision algorithms provide reliable detection capabilities, and real-time and continuous alert operation. The system also provides automatic video tracking of multiple targets and its flexible design enables interfacing with Day TV and IR sensors packaged either in a scanning camera or with a cluster of fixed cameras.

O-PAS is fully compatible with TAMAM’s family of electro optical devices such as: MicroPOP, MiniPOP, POP300 and POP300LR.