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Acoustic Cannon LRAD Cooperation
Acoustic Cannon LRAD Cooperation

Israel has renewed interest in non-lethal weapons to disperse of demonstrators, specifically as response to mass assault on a border fence.

Among other things, it is again considering a new non-lethal weapon –numbing  light flashes. The system was developed in the USA and would be a hit among police and security forces handling riots.

The system consists of a special lamp which directs short flashes of light in a specific frequency. According to the developers, the effects ofthese flashes render the rioter with severe dizziness or unconsciousness.

i-HLS Israel Homeland Security

In recent years the IDF began examining several types of non-lethal weapons. Initially the need was created as a means to block its porous southern border and prevent the smuggling of drugs and people from Egypt into Israel, similarly Israel’s northern border, which is seeing more disturbances of late, would  benefit as well.

As we reported here previously, the “acoustic cannon” is a powerful acoustic system designed for deterrence. Using multi-speaker, powerful acoustic cannon playback allows various noises, including gunshots, whistles or shouts, of unbearable intensity. The system can be mounted on vehicles or fixed to a facility to control the direction of the sound emitted, so that itaffects only those identified as a suspect.

Previously tested and then tested again is the stun gun remote control , this is not a weapon – but a tool allowing for the firing of a powerful electrical current at the target. Instead of ammunition, the shooting tool uses an electric current at an intensity of 26 watts.

Many companies, Israeli as well as foreign, continue to offer the IDF a large variety of non-lethal measures to allow for the borders to be “unarmed.”