New intrusion detection systems from Israel

New intrusion detection systems from Israel

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Magal, world leader in peripheral intrusion detection systems, is developing nowadays an innovative product – Fence Monitoring Robot (Roboguard) – a small motorized robot, installed on a rail close to the peripheral fence, carrying payloads like cameras, intercom and communication equipment. Normally, the robot moves constantly in slow motion along the fence looking for suspicious events, but when an alarm on fence intrusion is obtained, it runs quickly to the suspected place and assists in verifying the alarm, following the suspect person and establishing a verbal communication with the intruder via intercom.

VP marketing of Magal, Hagay Katz, said that the new robot attracts much interest from customers who need to defend critical border areas, and from jail organizations, where the daily routine patrol is considered a burden upon the personnel, while immediate reaction is needed in each case of fence alarm.

Illustrated Field
Illustrated Field

Magal is an old and experienced company, providing comprehensive solutions for defending critical sites in many countries around the world, focusing on outdoor solutions for airports, harbors, borders, jails, and water and energy infrastructures. A typical solution includes a variety of electronic equipment, such as smart fences, cameras, communications and command and control systems. Recently, the company added a cyber defense package to its solutions repertoire.


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The company is a leader in the market for peripheral intrusion detection systems – PIDS. Hagay Katz: “Magal treats the above products as an essential field of the company`s activity, and offers traditional families of  smart fences (Smart Barriers), detectors installed on existing fences  (Fence Mounted Sensors), and volume detectors (Virtual Fences)”.

Some of the new products developed, produced and marketed by Magal:

  • At the western world there is sometimes a tendency to avoid setup of physical obstacles obstructing the view. For this purpose, an underground cable has been developed, creating an electromagnetic field providing volume detection with the capability of exact detection of the intruder location. Using such systems Magal protects some of the royal palaces in Europe. The pair of cables buried in the ground serves as transmitter-receiver. An intruder, crossing the virtual field, creates interference in the electromagnetic field, and smart processors detect his location with a 1 meter resolution, so a camera can immediately be directed at him for verification and surveillance. Nowadays, the fourth generation of this technology is sold on the market.
  • Fourth generation of stretched wire (Taut Wire) fence – the fourth generation of the flag product DTR. This is a smart and advanced sensor, sensitive to motion and vibrations in three axes, thus enabling detection of sophisticated intrusions. The need arises from the fact that intruders have learnt the weaknesses of the previous generations, and now a new technology is required to close the known gaps. The product is about to be unveiled at the end of the year.
  • A new vibrations detector. Magal will launch soon a detector, replacing the old and good generation of electromechanical Barricade detectors. The new detector is a smart detector that can be installed on any kind of obstacle or fence, providing alarms on the exact location, almost with no false alarms.
  • The field of fiber-optic based detectors. Magal supplies an innovative system, based on the phenomenon of light projected in an optical fiber creating a fixed signature as long as the cable is stable. When some part of the cable is shaken, interference appears in the light signature. Advanced processing capabilities enable analysis of interference location with a resolution of several meters. This technology has several advantages: a site with a perimeter of 16 km can rely on one central detector, fiber optic cable and nothing more. There is no electronics on the fence, and the system is immune from lightning and electromagnetic noises. The demand for this technology in the world is constantly growing.

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