New pilot helmet for Israeli Atalef helicopters

New pilot helmet for Israeli Atalef helicopters

Eurocopter AS 565 SA, Photo Credit - IAF

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Eurocopter AS 565 SA, Photo Credit - IAF
Eurocopter AS 565 SA, Photo Credit – IAF

A new pilot helmet mounted systems (HMS) will be installed in the Israeli airforce (IAF)  Eurocopter AS 565 SA (Atalef) operated on navy missile corvettes.

Sources at the Paris airshow said that the selection process in underway.

The Atalef is the last IAF helicopter to be equipped with such a system. The IAF’s CH-53’s and Blackhawks are already equipped with such helmets .

The Eurocopter AS 565 SA are operated for the navy operational needs.

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AUS&R 180x250The Israeli sources said that the HMS will make it easier to operte the Atalef in conjunction with with the Heron-1 unmanned air system (UAS) maritime version.

This operational need has become top priority as the navy and airforce are working together to protect oil and gas reservoirs that have been discovered in the Mediterranean off the Israeli shore.

The Israeli airforce (IAF) is operating Heron-1 (Soval) UAS with maritime patrol sensors as for the Israeli navy.

The maritime Heron are operated parallel to the Israel aerospace industries (IAI ) Westwind 1124 business jets in Seascans configuration that have been operated since 1978.

The maritime UAS are equipped with  a similar payload carried now by the Seascan. This includes an Elta search radar with and a Tamam stabilized long range optical observation system.

The Heron-1 has an endurance of over 40 hours at an altitude of 30,000 feet. It can carry multiple payloads with a total weight of 250kg.