Alumor – Clean, Available Water Wherever You Need It

Alumor – Clean, Available Water Wherever You Need It

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Alumor is a graduate of the INNOFENSE Innovation Center operated by iHLS in collaboration with IMoD.

For life to occur, it needs safe drinking water, but much of the world’s population today is struggling to get constant access to drinking water, or any access at all. Furthermore, the UN estimates that until 2025 two thirds of the world’s population will live in areas with limited or non-existent access to drinking water.

Alumor is revolutionizing water purification technology. It is driven by a vision to address the global struggles of providing drinking water to all, and reshaping universal access to safe drinking water. Led by CEO Shlomo Dahan, who has over two decades of experience in developing and managing start-up companies, together with director of technological development Eldad Maziel, a world-class expert in the field of innovative water technologies, the company works to address these challenges using cutting-edge technology.

Alumor’s revolutionary technology provides a dual-use solution to military and security personnel in the field, civilians without access to water, and even in areas of disaster: earthquakes, floods, fires, events that harm municipal water supplies, power outages, and many more.

Most of today’s filters for microbial pollution are based on membrane filters. The problem with these filters is that the filter itself significantly blocks the water flow and supply and makes the user “struggle for every sip”. “In combat situations or in areas of disaster, there’s no time to struggle for a sip – there has to be a free flow of water” explains CEO Shlomo Dahan. The challenge in developing Alumor’s water purifying model was enabling a free waterflow without the system needing constant upkeep (like having to frequently replace the filters). Another challenge is providing an efficient autonomous system in locations that lack infrastructure and electricity (like soldiers in the field) or in emergencies (like disaster areas).

IHLS recognized this need and initiated a collaboration between Alumor and IMoD to develop and supply an electro-optic purification system. This system is different than those with regular filters in that it uses light of a certain wavelength and provides a solution at an exit point. This is done while keeping a free waterflow using a patent-protected and independently developed flow model (thus not requiring a water tank).

Another problem with the existing technology is that the UV lamps currently used in the market require very high voltage, which prevents the use of this technology in places that lack the necessary infrastructure. To solve this issue, Alumor built a compact, portable, modular system that operates on low voltage, providing excellent purification results that comply with international standards.

image provided by Alumor

Alumor has two main products:

H2O Flow is a system that connects to a tap and provides access to safe drinking water from any source. This is an especially useful asset to military units in the field and in remote locations, assisting in areas of disaster and addressing water access challenges in urban environments with inconsistent water quality.

H2O Pro is an innovative portable personal unit that provides safe drinking water in the field. The product is portable and easy to carry, connects to personal water containers, can purify more than 40 liters on a single charge and is built for speedy charging – ideal for use in the field and on the move.

The products themselves weigh 80-400 grams and can function in various situations: when connected to constant voltage, to a portable power source, or operating on solar energy.

Alumor’s upcoming development is expected to both provide results that comply with severe American purifying standards and be able to purify various water sources and pollutants.

Alumor is a graduate of the INNOFENSE Innovation Center operated by iHLS in collaboration with IMoD. A unique acceleration program that removes entrance barriers to the technological ecosystem turning startups into mature, leading companies while connecting them with relevant investors, which is designed to strengthen the links between the civilian and defense markets via the collaborative development of the technologies, thus advancing and improving their integration in both markets.

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