Israel to Advance Autonomous Warfare

Image provided by pixabay

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Israel aims to advance its technological abilities in the field of autonomous warfare in an effort to establish itself as an AI superpower, as government officials claim.

During an annual security forum held at Reichman University, Israel’s Defense Ministry Director, General Eyal Zamir, said that artificial intelligence is the next revolution in changing the face of warfare on the battlefield.

“There are those who see AI as the next revolution in changing the face of warfare on the battlefield,” Maj. Gen. (ret.) Eyal Zamir told an annual international security forum in central Israel.

At the conference, Zamir also credited Israel’s achievements in cyber warfare – widely believed to have been used against Iranian nuclear facilities – to “a correct and timely discerning of the defense, economic, national and international dimensions.”

“Our mission is to turn the State of Israel into an AI superpower and to be at the head of a very limited number of world powers that are in this club,” he said.

General Zamir remarked that deep learning systems and technologies that are currently being used by private industries could eventually be utilized by military forces. Zamir mentioned GPT and AGI as noteworthy examples.

These technologies can potentially include “the ability of platforms to strike in swarms, or of combat systems to operate independently, of data fusion and of assistance in fast decision-making, on a scale greater than we have ever seen,” Zamir said, as reported by Ynet News.