Integrating ChatGPT With Robotics

Integrating ChatGPT With Robotics

Image provided by pixabay

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A robot dog developed by Boston Dynamics has been recently upgraded using AI technology, by integrating its system with ChatGPT.

The ultimate goal is to create a robot that can promptly tell humans things like what the next robot’s mission involves or how much juice its battery has left.

In a video demonstration from AI expert Santiago Valdarrama, researchers at Levatas, an AI company working with robot manufacturer Boston Dynamics, demonstrate how the robotic dog updates them on its upcoming tasks and status.

ChatGPT’s integration could allow for better communication between humans and robot dogs. According Valdarrama, every mission the robot embarks on uses “miles-long, hard-to-understand configuration files” only highly specialized personnel can unwrap.

“At the end of each mission, the robots capture a ton of data. There’s no simple way to query all of it on demand. That’s where ChatGPT comes in. We show it the configuration files and the mission results. We then ask questions using that context,” Valdarrama said on Twitter.

Together with an injection of ChatGPT, the robotic dog was given Google’s speech-to-text capabilities, allowing the robot dog to provide humans with sound-based answers.

The capability to interact with robotic dogs could open many practical venues for exploration. For example, robots could be employed in dangerous missions requiring some autonomy, such as clearing out explosives or inspecting radioactive environments, according to cyber news.