Israeli Government Sites Attacked By Anonymous Sudan

Israeli Government Sites Attacked By Anonymous Sudan

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The Times of Israel reported that the Anonymous Sudan group claimed responsibility for hacking the website of the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad.

The group said in a post on Telegram that “This attack is just a preparatory attack… for the big attack,” according to the Israeli news website.

It added that the Anonymous Sudan is also responsible for hacking the websites of a number of Israeli banks and institutions over the past month, according to

Several critical government services for Israeli citizens were claimed, including the official government website of Israel, the Israeli Police, and the Israel Broadcasting Corporation.

The politically motivated gang was also able to take down the website of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Security Agency, and the nation’s elite counterintelligence and special operations agency known as the Mossad, wrote

Anonymous Sudan is a group of religiously motivated hackers from Sudan who have been conducting denial-of-service attacks against several Swedish and Danish organizations and critical infrastructure.

The group claims to be “hacktivists”.

Because of their common objectives regarding Sweden, Killnet announced the addition of Anonymous Sudan as an official member in its cluster of hacktivists targeting western nations and countries opposing Russia.