3D Printing – The Building Blocks of The Future

3D Printing – The Building Blocks of The Future

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3D printing promises to transform the way we live, and even where we live. James Rose, director of the Institute for Smart Structures in the University of Tennessee, US, shares his insight in regard to the role of 3D printing in our future homes with theconversation.com.

“Not since the adoption of the steel frame has there been a development with as much potential to transform the way buildings are conceived and constructed,” claims Rose.

“You might assume 3D printers work at a relatively small scale—think cellphone cases and toothbrush holders,” Rose says. “But advances in 3D printing technology have allowed the hardware to scale up in a serious way… Increasingly, robotic arms are used due to their ability to print in any orientation.”

While some roadblocks to the widespread adoption of this technology still exist, Rose believes he can foresee a future in which buildings are built entirely from recycled materials or materials sourced on-site, with forms inspired by the geometries of nature.