UK Warns Against Iranian and Russian Hackers

UK Warns Against Iranian and Russian Hackers

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The UK National Cyber Security Centre has issued a fresh alert about increasing attempts to steal information from specific groups and individuals, according to the BBC.

The NCSC said the hackers usually target those doing research and work about Iran and Russia. It described the hacking groups as “ruthless” in pursuing their targets.

The NCSC – which is part of UK cyber and intelligence agency GCHQ and gives cyber-security advice – explained the attacks were not targeting the public, but specific individuals and groups, including politicians, officials, journalists, activists and think tanks.

The hackers will often impersonate real contacts to build trust and send fake invites to events or Zoom meetings containing malicious code. If clicked on, they can compromise accounts allowing the hacker to gain access to sensitive information.

NCSC director of operations Paul Chichester said: “These campaigns by threat actors based in Russia and Iran continue to ruthlessly pursue their targets in an attempt to steal online credentials and compromise potentially sensitive systems.

“We strongly encourage organizations and individuals to remain vigilant to potential approaches and follow the mitigation advice in the advisory to protect themselves online.”

Officials are not formally accusing Russia and Iran of involvement in the espionage, although two hacking groups they are warning about are widely believed to be linked to the two states. A Russian group, known as SEABORGIUM or Cold River and an Iranian Group known as TA453 or Charming Kitten.

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