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To succeed as a cybersecurity analyst, you need to understand the traits, values, and thought processes of hackers, along with the tools they use to launch their attacks, according to Lets examine the 3 core values that characterize a hacker’s mindset.

Curiosity – curiosity drives hackers to explore and understand systems, networks, and software in order to identify vulnerabilities. Not only are they constantly seeking new knowledge and skills to improve their abilities and stay ahead of security measures, but they’re also constantly applying newly learned approaches, tricks, and techniques in different systems, to see what sticks.

Adversarial attitude – an adversarial attitude is a mindset that is always looking for ways to defeat security measures, challenge the status quo, and push the boundaries of what is possible. Hackers are often driven by a desire to prove their own abilities and to test the limits of systems and networks.

Persistence – persistence is an important trait for hackers as they often need to try multiple approaches and techniques in order to find a way into a system. They may encounter roadblocks and failures, but they don’t give up easily. They’ll will continue to work until they have achieved their goal. Often hackers remind themselves that cybersecurity teams need to identify and remediate all vulnerabilities while a hacker needs to find only one. The ​​relentless pursuit of vulnerabilities is at their core.

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