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10164738_s“We don’t create security solutions, we instead make intelligent use of the existing ones” says Raanan Biber, Israel’s country manager of VMware.

VMware  new tools will be presented, among other capabilities, in the “Israel’s Big Data Fusion for HLS” conference, taking place June 5th, in Tel-Aviv.

Biber said that in the past under each table in each office you could find a server and a storage device. The problem was back up and fast recovery of data. This brought VMware to develop the Datacenter solution “We developed actually a Virtualization of servers and they are being used at a time on sharing basis.

The special software distributes the workload between the servers to assure smooth operation.

Beaver said that the software is in use by many Israeli units of the Israel defense forces (IDF) and that the data is encrypted and safe.

The same revolution was brought to the storage, by using a cloud that combines different storage devices.

vCenterServer_Diagram1During the past several years, the reality of automating a data center has increased in importance and executive prioritization. Increasing business expectations and the demand for IT organizations to deliver high-quality services with reduced (or limited) headcount dictate that senior IT leaders improve productivity of existing staff and “do more with less.”

Business managers now expect IT to meet or exceed their demands quickly in areas such as improving time to market, ensuring compliance, providing disaster recovery, and increasing competitive advantage. Automation empowers this thinking, offering IT an opportunity to increase availability, reduce operations costs, respond to business demands faster, and reduce infrastructure error rates through automated, integrated workflows.

VMware VirtualCenter provides centralized management of VMware Infrastructure and the core functionality for enabling automation of critical IT processes. It also serves as an integration point for solutions from systems management vendors and other third-party products.


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