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The latest turn around in the Ukrainian Russian war shows new territories being reclaimed by Ukrainian soldiers. This turn of events can be partially attributed to the different technologies that took part in this conflict. Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has opened up an initiative for companies to test their military technologies on its land. Satellites, drones, artificial intelligence, and cyber capabilities have been central to the war since the first days of Russia’s invasion, writes 

New technologies have been working in concert with traditional military hardware to create a modern battlefield that is integral to the Ukrainian retaliation against the Russian invading forces. The US alone has contributed over 14 billion dollars via military and security aid packages, according to senior US defense official Sasha Baker, who last week emphasized that Ukraine has been “creative in integrating capabilities” from the US and other allies. 

Surprisingly, the Ukrainian battlefield has become home to cheap commercial technologies as well, such as cost effective satellites and small drones, all of which have aided the Ukrainian soldiers in turning the tides against the Russian Federation.  Much of the advanced technology that Ukraine is using is commercial and off-the-shelf — in other words, useful innovations that you don’t need to be a military leader to purchase.

It should be noted that not only are physical technologies used in the war, this modern conflict brings with it a different type of fight – cyber war. There has been an extensive use of cyber activities such as when Ukrainian hackers infiltrated electric vehicle charging stations in Moscow and placed an anti-Putin slur on the screen.

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