First International Holographic Teleportation – The Impossible Becomes Possible

First International Holographic Teleportation – The Impossible Becomes Possible

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Imagine if instead of commuting to get to one place another, you could teleport. How easy would life be then? While you could connect via online call to a meeting and work, just as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, but it just cannot replicate in-person meetings. Researchers are convinced that holographic teleportation might be a viable solution to this problem. 

Researchers at the University of Western Ontario, US, recently completed the world’s first-ever international holographic teleportation. reports that this combination of hologram and teleport, fondly called holoport, allows one to instantly beam the hologram of a person to a far-off location, much like the Star Trek universe.

Researchers at Western, in collaboration with different companies, are attempting to figure out the medical applications of this technology. If both the subject and the user wear the appropriate headset, they can interact in their environments as if they are physically present in the same room. While the setup can help transmit images and voices across, currently, that is where its capabilities end. The research team is keen to incorporate haptics, the technology that allows transmitting and understanding information using touch into their project in the future.

Beyond medical care, the technology could also help improve virtual meetings, where three-dimensional presence could become the norm one day. Even informally, holoportation could help people in a lot of ways. “Wouldn’t it be nice if you’re on a three-month deployment to the space station, and you could come down and sit in the room (at home) for a family dinner,” said Adam Sirek, a faculty member at the University.

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