Technology Helps Combat Human Trafficking

Technology Helps Combat Human Trafficking

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Between 15,000 and 50,000 women and children are forced into sexual slavery in the US every year, according to; and the US Department of Health & Human Services estimates the total number of victims stands at 240,000 to 325,000. In order to combat this crisis a nonprofit organization took inspiration from the Indian Police, which used facial recognition technology to identify 3,000 missing children in a four-day period a few years ago. 

After learning about the power of technology in identification children who were vulnerable to human trafficking and child labor, the nonprofit organization ‘Moms in Security’ sought donations of tools and technology from manufacturers and developers that included software licenses and small surveillance tools to utilize this technology while conducting human trafficking rescue missions. Though technology is not the first and most readily available solution in human trafficking incidents, it is a highly useful tool that tends to be overlooked. 

According to, Blockchain is another technology that is being increasingly used to combat human trafficking. Blockchain technology, which provides a shared, transparent, digital ledger of transactions, enables the tracking of goods from their original source to their final destination and can also be used to identify human trafficking risks. Indeed, with global companies having thousands of suppliers across continents, tracking supply chains is not an easy task.

Even when it comes to privacy, technology can help by having state of the art security to make sure victims’ information is used for the exclusive purpose of human trafficking disruption, rescues, and prosecution.

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