X-Sight – New AI And AR Pilot Helmet

X-Sight – New AI And AR Pilot Helmet

Pilot. image by pixabay

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A new AI and AR helmet has been unveiled recently by Elbit Systems. The X-Sight helmet was developed to allow pilots to fly with the F-35 and its advanced sensors. 

The new suite integrates a sophisticated sensor array, Artificial Intelligence-powered mission computer and an Augmented Reality (AR) Helmet-Mounted Display (HMD) system. It allows the helicopter pilot to see through the body of the aircraft, according to the Jerusalem Post. 

Elbit’s new technological suite for X-Sight includes the AI-powered mission computer for real-time data fusion and machine learning of obstacles and threats, and for running operational applications. It also includes an integrated array of sensor systems that include a day camera and Infra-Red cameras for thermal vision. Pilots are able to switch between various operational applications, either from day flight to flight during heavy fog or snow, analysis regarding a landing pad, obstacle mapping, and more.

The X-Sight system provides the pilots with a real-time, clear, colored wide field of view at all times and in all weather conditions. With a range of 2000m, the system includes night vision features that can be turned on and off by the pilot, as well as identification of transitioning targets and moving target indication to warn pilots of possible incoming threats.